CHARM: Context-aware Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring
for Intelligent Vehicles

Today’s automobile is nearly autonomous due to Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) ranging from adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, auto-parallel parking to lane-keeping assistance and automated steering. This is feasible due to ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars and lidars, focusing on surrounding environmental perception. However, minimal work has focused on the human driver perspectives and human error is overwhelmingly to blame for most accidents. The role of the driver could be taken over by automation, but the vehicle also requires delivering performance identical to that of a driver if it is to be trusted. As a result, this automation could lead to overreliance on incomplete ADAS. Therefore, the ADAS must focus on understanding, modelling and predicting human agents, as well as on the surrounding traffic conditions, making it a key component of knowing how vehicles will learn to adapt to various driving conditions and environments.

CHARM’s aim to develop a novel context-aware computational framework for monitoring and anticipating human driver’s activity (distractions, eating, drinking, etc) in a given context (congestion, weather, road works, traffic sign, etc). This is a difficult problem involving computer vision (CV), big data and artificial intelligence (AI), with immediate applications to smart cyber physical systems/environments. The framework is targeted for the ADAS for safe driving, Take-Over-Request (TOR) for the next generation intelligent autonomous vehicles, as well as more natural human-car/robot/machine interactions associated with the UKIERI-DST cyber physical systems discipline.

Dr Ardhendu Behera

UK PI, Edge Hill University, UK

Dr R. Venkatesh Babu

Indian PI, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, India

Prof C. S. Shankar Ram

Co-I, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India

Dr Dima Damen

Co-I, University of Bristol, UK

Prof Nik Bessis

Co-I, Edge Hill University, UK

Prof Yonghuai Liu

Co-I, Edge Hill University, UK

Latest news

[06/01/20] Pradeep joined as a Research Assistant.

[26-27/12/19] Dima's research visit to Video Analytics Lab @IISc Bangalore.

[20/12/19] Ardhendu's talk in the Department of Electrical Engineering @IISc Bangalore.

[18-20/12/19] Ardhendu's research visit to Video Analytics Lab @IISc Bangalore.

[11/10/19] Asish Bera joined as a PDRA.

[01/07/19] Nuffield Research Placement students joined as summer interns (Student training and outreach).

[01/07/19] Summer placement students through Edge Hill University Student Opportunity Fund (Student training and outreach).

[28/06/19] Press release: University leading research so self-driving intelligent cars can predict driver distraction

[16/06/19] Dima Damen and Venkatesh Babu attended CVPR 2019 at Long Beach, CA (Outreach Activity).

[09/06/19] Venkatesh Babu participated in ICML 2019 at Long Beach, CA (Outreach Activity).